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Experiencing the entrepreneurial tradition of her family, Anthi Zacharaki was always an unconventional and creative mind. Born and raised in the most romantic city of Greece, Nafplio, Anthi’s first images come right from the landscape, the Venetian architecture, and tragic and rough history of the area. These images have reflected on both her life and work. Her pedagogical studies motivated her to admit what others were already seeing in her: a great talent. Her passion for beauty and an innate curiosity naturally led her to launch her dream of making jewelry.

Her creativity and inspiration took her where she belonged. She followed her heart and she found her way. Her mother, Niki Zacharaki, was the person to influence her the most, as she was already experimenting in jewelry design herself. Anthi moved a step further, studying jewelry design and learning all about precious and semi precious stones . She joined the family business and immediately implemented her visionary initiatives which have transformed the company’s image and strategy.

With strong individual aesthetics, Anthi transforms her experiences and influences into unique designs. She believes that every piece of jewelry is an expression of a woman’s story. When she designs a form she actually expresses her personality, her thoughts and deeper feelings. Silver, gold and semi precious stones are transformed into unique visual experiences. She blends the color, the light and form of every creation in the most spontaneous way. Anthi’s creations represent a unique aesthetic choice, playfully blending the classic with the contemporary. Her deeper wish is her jewelry to be loved, and to be part of women's lives and memories.