Since summer 2009, AVLAIA Jewelry created our own retail shops. 

Visiting our unique shops, our friends are offered the opportunity to meet with a complete proposal for AVLAIA’s Woman and Baby collections as well as AVLAIA limited edition jewelry, exclusively designed for our concept stores.

AVLAIA concept store design followes contemporary architectural principles, are always in motion and highly innovative; the light is mixed in a flexible and surprising way with colors, emotions and imagination to a unique blend of art and design that reforms the shopping experience.

Visit AVLAIA concept stores and live an once-in-a-lifetime handmade luxury experience; AVLAIA really turns shopping into entertainment. Our specialized associates are trained to be personal shoppers, mastering a deep knowledge of styling and modern trends in jewelry fashion. We will help you to find the perfect piece of jewelry to enrich your day-to-day life as well as your presence in special events. We promise to create a unique image for you and an ideal gift for your beloved ones.

  • Athens
    • 21 Pindarou Street, Kolonaki
      +30 211 01 46 535